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has any one gone through what i am going through...In a relationship

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[b]I need some advise or help

i have been in a relationship for 2 yrs but we known each other for 4 yrs...
We have been through alot in out relationship.. domestic volience and i did report it to the police but he is not a bad man at all he is good with my children he lovest them to bits. My neighbour three doors down the road has caused me harrasement since 2006 and threaten me and out to ruin my life and my children life for me.. She and her friend has made up a nasty allegation about my boyfriend whom i love very much... but he became very agressive and smashed up my tv and waved a knife in front of me... and my children.. He broke down in tears and said he was sorry. But my youngest daugther went into school and told the headteacher about this incident and the school reported it to the social worker... I have to chocie between him or my children.. when the children treated him like a father... there love him to bits... and this is breaking my heart... I had to get an injunction out... which i did not want to do... has anyone been in this situation before and what kind of advise can you offer me thank you confused

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sorry hunni Ive just seen this. Yes Ive been here only it actually was my kids dad. he was violent to me all the time and when I was leaving him he threatened my kids with a knife. my daughter told her teacher too who took her straight to the headmaster who brought in SS. They came to the hosue and wer satisfied that she was safe because Id already split up with him by then but they also made him sign an agreement saying he would not be violent to me or them again or he cld be jailed for it as this was admitting it. I also had a non molestation order against him. hunni I was with him 14 years..... they dont change. Ive herad all the stories and excuses. its never going to happen again and the promises etc... EVERY TIME IS THE LAST TIME... remember that..... feel free to PM me if u want babes but Id say ur kids and u come first. Im happily engaged now and have a new baby and am really happy with a man who loves my kids. So there are others out there. its NOT this man or nothing hun.


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